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Applying to ASFC

Applying to a new school is an enormous decision that should involve careful examination of the academic, psychosocial, emotional and experiential needs of your child. We strongly encourage you to bring your child and your family to visit our campus to experience our caring and collaborative culture, our international curriculum, our diverse community, our amazing teachers and modern facilities. We are confident your child will find ASFC an extraordinary place for their development, for their growth, and for their learning.

Families are encouraged to visit ASFC to get a feel for what our school is really like, especially when it comes to choosing a “home away from home”. The Admissions office welcomes prospective students and their families to visit our campus throughout the school year.

All prospective students applying for Kinder 3, Primary, Middle and High school will be invited in for an admissions test. The test will assess the student’s general knowledge and English language, and includes a psychometric evaluation.

Children seeking admission for Day care, Kinder 1 and 2 will only require a psychometric evaluation.

We aim to share the results of admission tests with families within 48 hours. A meeting will be scheduled with the area coordinator who will discuss the outcome with parents. If the student has been successful, parents will receive details on how to complete the enrollment process online.

Parents should complete the online application form and return the required documents to the School Services team. They will register the student’s information and then families can proceed with the payment, which can be done in person or online.

Prospective students and their families are now full members of the ASFC community!

ASFC Diversity and Admission Policy

ASFC recognizes, respects, promotes and celebrates the value of human diversity and strives to implement policies and strategies, including its admissions policy, which advance human diversity as a positive force in the life of our school community.

ASFC expresses its commitment to creating a welcoming community of students, parents and staff that:

  • Reflects its ethos as a diverse international school and international community
  • Values and celebrates the diversity of our community
  • Demonstrates a caring and ethical conduct towards all members of our community
  • Appreciates the importance of cross-cultural knowledge
  • Educates and demonstrates acceptance of cultural, linguistic and experiential diversity
  • In its admission policy and hiring practices does not discriminate based on human differences, economic status, sexual preferences, religious or political affiliation.