Board of directors - ASFC

Board of directors

ASFC’s Board of Directors includes members from a variety of areas of expertise in community roles, professional and entrepreneurial ventures. Founding members and volunteers become both counselors and the maximum authority to all school endeavors which have a major impact on our school profile, mission, vision and overall advancement to benefit our local and global community.

Board members 2022/2023:

Mtra. Pedrero Buentello – Founder & Board President

Mtra. Orantes Pedrero – Head of Continuous Improvement/Board Representative

Lic. M Orantes Pedrero – Counsel for Fiscal Policies

Lic. B Orantes Pedrero –Head of Music Curriculum Development/Counsel for Music & Inclusion Policies

Lic. González Remis – Counsel for Admissions

Dr. Cancino Zenteno – Counsel for Psychology

Dra. Compeán Villacecias – Counsel for Health & Wellbeing

Dr. Cedillo Orozco – Counsel for Legal Services

Lic. Pedrero Buentello – Counsel for Human Resources

Mr. Davis- Head of School

Lic. Pedrero Buentello * – Counsel for ASFC History

Mtra. Farrera de Bermudez * –  Counsel for Education

Lic. Bermudez Zenteno * – Counsel for Education

Arq. Farrera Pascacio * – Counsel for Building & Construction

Cp. Farrera de Pedrero * – Counsel for Accounting & Finances

Ing. Pedrero Gutiérrez * – Counsel for the Arts & Culture

*Not in Picture

Honorary Historic Members 

Ing. Aniceto Orantes Ruíz – Co-Founder image.png

Lic. Hugo Pedrero Gutierréz – Founding Board President image.png

Mtra. Elisa Ma. Buentello Sánchez – Founding Board Member image.png