Campestre Country Club - ASFC

Campestre Country Club

ASFC is proud to work in partnership with Campestre Country Club to offer our students access to their renowned sports programs at a preferential rate .


Swimming is a complete sport that involves mastering an element not unknown to human beings. As humans grow inside the maternal womb covered by water, dominating the water element becomes an achievable goal as long as the right instructions are followed.

The club’s swimming academy will provide you with the necessary skills to practice swimming safely and with proper techniques. It offers beginner, intermediate and advanced courses.


Tennis involves a variety of types of play, including serving the ball over the net, rallies, fast movements and strategic game play. Playing tennis is a good sport to maintain your health, fitness, strength and agility.

In addition to the fitness and physical health benefits, tennis also provides numerous social and mental health benefits as well.

The club’s tennis academy will provide the opportunity to practice and perfect your skills with an expert team of coaches.



Golf is a sport that enables players to experience tremendous health benefits. Golf may not be a sport that features sprinting, jumping, and back and forth fast-paced action; but it still has great physical and mental benefits. It is a great way to be in touch with the outdoors and stimulate the mind and body whilst learning discipline, strategic thinking and improving social interaction. The club’s program offers the best professional advice of a highly qualified director and golf teachers.