Dance - ASFC


Dancing is an excellent way  for students to develop useful skills that can be applied to their daily lives as they are extremely active sports that, in addition to increasing endurance and physical strength, teach important social values.

Some of the highlights of the Dance Academy include:

It promotes self-confidence

One of the main benefits of dance classes is that they build confidence by developing the character and charisma that come with learning different routines, supporting peers and performing on stage wearing special costumes and design.

It helps students overcome the difficulties of learning new movements and test their limits.


A dance team should always work in sync, so all members of the team should work hard together to perfect their movements, to predict the other members’ moves and positions and to trust that every teammate will do his/her part well.

Physical exercise

Physical exercise is a fundamental part of a competitive  dancer. You cannot perform stunts such as cartwheels or throws if you do not have the physical condition to do so. The Academy helps students develop strength and stay active, it builds muscles, improves endurance and encourages healthy habits.

Socialize and make new friends

A competitive team can bring together a diverse group of students that might don’t normally share social groups. The opportunity to develop strong social skills by forming relationships with other students from a variety of different ages and backgrounds is very beneficial.

Goal setting and dedication

Developing the important ability to pursue a goal will help students become successful people as they will apply this skill throughout their lives.

It is important for children to learn from an early age to strive for what they want to achieve in their lives.