Digital Learning - ASFC

Digital Learning

At ASFC we are committed to delivering an inclusive, outstanding learning experience for all our students, both in person and through digital channels. Our mission is to ensure interactive, fun and meaningful lessons are offered across all grade levels to allow our students to thrive and demonstrate new knowledge and experiences in their classes and beyond.

IB philosophy and methodology drives our teaching and will be used throughout our programs to give room for inquiry and agency even when online.

ASFC is proud to offer digital learning through these state-of-the-art platforms that guarantee interactive, continuous learning at all levels.

Google Classroom (Upper School)

  • Offers built-in tools for easy communication with students and parents
  • Promotes collaboration through discussions and group projects
  • Creates a space for students to turn in all their work in one place
  • Increases learning effectiveness

Knotion (Lower School)

  • Adapts to ASFC Curriculum and learning objectives
  • Hybrid – you can use online and offline
  • Builds a student’s portfolio and checks their learning goals
  • Gives differentiation of instructions
  • Promotes social and collaborative learning
  • Offers built-in Parent-Teacher communication
  • Access to resources from CNN, BBC, Discovery Education, and more.

Dreambox Learning (Lower School)

  • Mathematics platform
  • Adapts to students’ needs and pace of learning
  • Uses gaming systems to make learning fun
  • Delivers detailed reports on the students’ progress
  • Is intuitive and interactive

Scholastic (all levels)

  • Reading platform
  • Offers smart reading for all levels
  • Promotes the development of reading and comprehension skills
  • Measures students’ progress
  • Encourages independent reading
  • Offers resources in English and Spanish

Actively Learn (Upper School)

  • Encourages independent reading
  • Helps students organize their research
  • Engages students in deeper learning
  • Cultivates joy for reading

RazKids (Lower School)

  • Encourages the practice of active reading strategies
  • Finds the right book for every child, with different levels of reading difficulty
  • Offers eQuizzes that measure student comprehension
  • Tracks individual and class-wide reading progress

ClassCraft (Upper School)

  • Offers classroom gamification to encourage positive behavior and develop essential collaboration skills
  • Encourages students to advocate for one another and feel empowered in the classroom and in life
  • Gives students instant feedback on soft skills, such as attendance, cooperation, homework completion, and classroom behavior
  • Promotes teamwork and social responsibility