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Educational Field Trips


ASFC believes that experiential learning is the key to educating students who enjoy their time at school and grow into confident adults.

Studies have shown that kinesthetic learning, where a student carries out physical activities rather than listening to a lecture, is the most popular type of learning with students; ‘doing’ helps them to gain a better understanding of the material

Experiential learning enables the student to engage the creative portions of their brains and seek their own unique and most fulfilling solution to a hands-on task.

By incorporating concrete experiences and then reflecting on the outcome, students make true, personal connections with the material learnt. They analyze how their actions affected the outcome, and how their outcome may have varied from others’.

We strive to give all of our students, across all levels, the opportunity to explore and experience the outside world through our excursion and field trips program.

From visits to museums, farm outings and art trails, to community projects and hikes, ASFC students get to explore the state of Chiapas, learn about its culture and traditions and have meaningful, memorable learning experiences.


For our High School students excursions are a big part of their curriculum. Throughout the year they have the opportunity to explore the great natural wonders Chiapas has to offer, connecting them with their community and the world that surrounds them. It also gives them time to form bonds and friendships outside of the formal classroom environment and challenge themselves both physically and mentally.

Through these activities, students start to discover and develop their own skills, aptitudes and passions. This discovery in turn sets them on a more defined path to college and careers.


In the words of our student Mariela:

The Essence of the First Day of School 

The breathtaking view from the peak of the mountain makes the arduous and sweaty climb worth it. It is normal to feel students are being forced to assist on these school trips. I’m sure it has crossed our minds more than once that we are going to have a tedious time during the excursion. The truth is people can be predisposed to this since one can feel lonely at the beginning while sitting on a bus around 40 or 50 people one does not know on the way to a place it is likely one has never visited. High School’s first day at the American School is always a trip to an astonishing and energizing place where students have the opportunity of coexisting with nature while doing activities to get to know not only our future classmates but the entire high school without the pressure of school activities and projects. These activities often consist of lighting a fire together, encoding messages to just climbing the mountain while having an entertaining conversation with a friend, which makes us acquire abilities that will, later on, improve our communication with classmates inside of a classroom. 

On the first school trip of 2019-2020, we went to Rancho Nuevo, an ecotourist park in San Cristobal de las Casas. In the beginning, we were all uptight and nervous since we did not know what to expect. We were encouraged to get to know each other in a big circle where everyone could talk. This clearly had no success since people don’t like everyone staring at them while talking, especially when we do not know everyone around us. Subsequently,  we participated in activities where we were challenged to work with people we might’ve never seen before while trying to achieve a greater good. One might not know the people on their team but had to rely on them to carry one around while holding a giant plastic ball with their arms and legs. Throughout these experiences is that students get to know the real personality and abilities of a person outside of four walls.