English - ASFC


The English Academy is divided into groups based on the age and English level of the students.

It is a space for our students to reinforce what they have been learning about in their English classes. Students are given the tools they need to review the topics that they are learning about in class, done through general instruction and centers. Centers are a time when students are given different tasks to complete in small groups; they are expected to speak only in English and this challenge helps them understand that they have the ability to express themselves in the target language.

In lower levels the focus is on:

-Building vocabulary and sentence structures through a variety of formats and strategies

– Speaking and reading with correct pronunciation and articulation

– Writing grammatically structured sentences

– Forming critical questions.

– Improving listening skills.

In higher level classes we focus on:

-Exploring the use of language in literature, essay writing and preparations for examinations

-Specific grammar clauses and conditionals.

-Specific readings to reinforce class activities.

-Advanced grammar structures and essay writing.

-Extra support with homework.


The English Academy is for all levels and it is a great opportunity for students to solidify their English abilities in speaking, reading, writing and listening.