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The Filmmaking Academy teaches students about all the stages of the process of making a video, both at user and semi-professional level, with practices focused on the development of these skills.

The academy focuses on the following stages:

  1. Preproduction – What do we want?

To produce an audiovisual product, you have to know beforehand what you want to produce and for whom; where, when and how it will be carried out; and what tools are needed

  1. Production – Action!

Once the project is designed, we begin to move the necessary threads to be able to shape in an audiovisual format, all those ideas that have occurred to us. Once we have agreed on the scenarios and selected the technical and artistic team that best adapts to the needs of each project, we can start filming.

  1. Postproduction – Getting closer to the final result

As editors, the students create all the digital recorded material and begin to work with it, following all the processes through which the final audiovisual product is shaped, giving it coherence and meaning.

The video is cut and edited; photographs, animations, special effects, transitions, titles and 3D elements are added; color and shine are touched up; voiceovers and music are included until we have a final product.



-Finalists in the 6th Ibero-American Contest “Haz corto con la corrupción” with the short film “Donde empieza la corrupción» 2019

-Participation in Lideres Ciudadanos “CINEMINUTO” Contest with two short films «Pandemia Cerebral» and  «Nosotros los niños» reflecting on the consequences of the COVID-19 emergency

-Participation in the 7th edition of the Ibero-American Contest “Haz corto con la corrupción” with the short film «El asesino de la paloma» 2020

-Creation of a 5-chapter series called «The bulldog show» about the life of the ASFC’s mascot

-Showcasing of productions twice per year to ASFC students

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