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Flag Football

Flag Football is one of the most popular sports in the country and in the north of the continent, better known as tocho or tochito. Its practice promotes the strengthening of the muscles and the improvement of resistance in children and young people. It develops concentration and teaches students to act quickly, it provides tools for finding solutions to everyday problems and builds character in competitive environments.

In the academy our students learn the notions of the game and its regulations such as the yard, the first and 20 the 4 plays in 7 vs 7. The offensive and defensive movements, the run, the pass, the down and touchdown, scores, play roles, and more. At ASFC we have the appropriate facilities for the positive development of this sport, in addition to serving as a platform to convert the little athletes of today into the great athletes of tomorrow.

Our sports academies are open to the ASFC community and external public, our classes are in person in our facilities.