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We are thrilled to welcome you to our school website! We invite you to take some time to explore and discover the essence of who we are at the American School. We are convinced that once you experience our school “virtually”, you will want to visit us for a tour of our campus and surely join our amazing ASFC community! 


We are a community of learners, committed to the continuous challenge of exploring, discovering, and understanding the world around us by living, loving and learning through exemplifying our ASFC pillars: internationally minded, caring and collaborative, principled communicators, environmentally cultured, creative and critical thinkers.

We strive to meld local and international talent, providing real-life experiences that can better prepare our students to interact with the authenticity of multicultural and diverse environments. Learning at ASFC is authentic and student-centered. Through personalized instruction and inquiry-based learning, students are encouraged to explore and ignite their present and future passions and talents, even those yet to be discovered!

Successful education is one that is shaped around action as a result of student’s critical thinking and principled reflections. We strive to make genuine, positive connections with our community, recognizing our local, national, and global citizenship and preparing students with a skill set that encourages them to take educated risks while performing in any environment. Following international best practices keeps us moving and evolving with forward-thinking methodologies that guide our educational leadership and everyday practice.

Most importantly, we are a community of happy students, teachers and parents! We believe in finding beauty in every learning experience and celebrating our differences and diversity. Come and celebrate with us!


We are a multicultural educational community that inspires a passion for learning by nurturing creative and principled citizens, through critical thinking, inquiry and collaboration.

Erika Orantes Pedrero

- Head of School


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We are a multicultural educational community that inspires a passion for learning by nurturing creative citizens with principles, through critical thinking, research and collaboration.

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