Glía - ASFC


Early childhood stimulation is a set of actions that maximize children’s physical, mental and psychosocial abilities. These repetitive, continuous and systematized actions allow body and mental stimulation for positive development of the body and mind.

GLIA is an early childhood stimulation academy specialized in children between the ages of 2 to 4 years, allowing little ones to participate in the offer that the ASFC academies program opens to all audiences.

In GLIA classes playful and pedagogical activities are carried out that allow the child to take advantage of their abilities for learning and easy adaptation to the social and spatial environment. Through games, exercises, techniques, activities and other resources, areas of the child’s neurodevelopment are stimulated. The objective of the academy is to expand and strengthen the motor, cognitive, language and socio-affective areas of the child’s development. We also work on coordinated, stable movements, logical thinking, motor skills and cognitive problem solving.

GLIA is open to the ASFC community and external public, our classes are in person accompanied by a tutor and held in our facilities.