House Competition - ASFC

House Competition

All students, teachers and support staff members are assigned to a Hogwarts-style school house on arrival.

Red Dragons

White Polar Bears

Blue Sharks

Green Crocodiles

All four houses are in competition with one another and members are given t-shirts to show their house spirit.

Throughout the year the students are awarded points for their houses that can be gained through taking part in monthly sports competitions and other projects.

The house that is awarded the most points at the end of the academic year wins the House Cup.

Through friendly competition, students can learn the importance of teamwork and participating in something larger than themselves, giving them a sense of shared identity with their classmates.

The program promotes school pride and allows students to interact outside of the normal academic and social circles.

By sharing a common goal, students are motivated to work together, help each other, and set aside differences. Not to mention they get to celebrate together if they win!