Maths - ASFC


In the Maths Academy teachers create a playful learning environment that allows students to develop positive attitudes towards mathematics, developing confidence in their own abilities and perseverance when facing arithmetic problems through critical learning activities.

The Academy allows the student to think beyond the difficulties in order to overcome them. It will also give another perspective to problem solving; if the student fails to understand a problem in one way, it will be explained to him in different ways until he achieves the expected result.

The purpose of the mathematics academy is to develop, strengthen and enrich students’ mathematical skills; it is a space where students can resolve doubts on topics explored in classes, where teachers support them in the development of their assignments and where with practice they can obtain better results in the subject. The academy has been operating for more than 7 years and students have been supported with great results, which have been reflected in their grades.

The Maths Academy also serves as a support for the students who participate in different state-wide competitions such as the Maths Olympics, created in order to grow students’ interest in mathematics to another level. ASFC has had excellent results for many years in this type of competition.