Nursery - ASFC



Your child’s first steps on the journey to education start in Day Care. The early years is a crucial age for language development. Our Day Care programme is designed to meet the needs of young learners whilst exposing them to an English language immersion.

We create an environment for safe, experiential learning through fun, music, arts and play

During the first years of life children have the greatest capacity and appetite for learning – especially in language development and socialization. At ASFC, children’s own love of exploration allows them to take the lead in their progress. We respect each child’s pace of learning and help build their self-esteem whilst developing their cognitive, visual, linguistic, social and emotional abilities.

Your little one will have lots of opportunity for growth and learning in a fun, secure and comfortable space under the thoughtful supervision of our experienced carers and educators.

Our teachers are supported by nannies in class to help cater for all children in the best possible way.

The environment, furniture and materials influence and promote the quality of the experience that your child will live in our school. At ASFC, Day Care learners can benefit from specialised facilities including a music room and psychomotricity room. The outside area has green spaces and a fully equipped playground.