The PTA, or Parent Teacher Association, consists of a group of dedicated and committed parents who volunteer their time, energy and enthusiasm to the school in order to plan, organize and execute important events such as Halloween, Kermesse, Children's day and Teacher's day celebrations, and support the school’s new educational and building renovations that promote school growth. They also work closely with the school on a variety of extracurricular activities and projects throughout the school year. In essence, they are the link between the parents and the institution, and most importantly, they are the voice of the parents before the authorities of the school.

This important team of parents is headed by the PTA president, the Vice-president and the Treasurer, and work directly with the grade and group representatives (vocales) of each academic section (Lower and Upper School). The group operates independently from the school with the annual budget that is raised through the PTA fee collected from each of the ASFC families at the beginning of the school year.

It is an excellent opportunity to work closely with the ASFC community and we encourage all of you to get involved! If you are interested in becoming a grade/group representative, or part of the PTA leadership team, please contact your corresponding Principal and/or the Head of School.

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We are a multicultural educational community that inspires a passion for learning by nurturing creative citizens with principles, through critical thinking, research and collaboration.

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