Piano - ASFC


The piano is one of the longest-known instruments in history, and it is one of the few that can play harmony, melody and rhythm at the same time.

The Piano Academy helps our students to develop their psychomotricity skills. When they practice or just play a song on their piano, their brains work at full speed, activating various areas of their brain which bring long-term positive effects and improve their all-round skills.

Students develop coordination; learning to simultaneously perform independent movements with the hands stimulates various areas of the brain, just as being able to read sheet music improves extraordinary coordination between sight and hands.

Piano pupils improve their listening skills, which also benefit verbal memory in their own language and allow them to better recognize voices in a noisy environment.

Music is the only universal language. Sheet music and the feeling of playing a melody is understood worldwide. You can play a song with someone you don’t know from another country and only need a sheet of music or song name to start a conversation.