Being a K-12 school gives us a unique advantage in building students that know how to collaborate, share and value each community member across all ages. Upper School students interact as leaders of our student body, setting the path to follow for our Lower School students who continue to surprise and challenge our academic community with their growing critical thinking skills and proposals to the benefit of our school and world. This multi-grade collaboration is another approach to real-life education as it represents our expected societal interactions and diversity.

All learning at ASFC must be:

  1. Student centered: Student interest is part of our teaching curriculum, where teachers act as guides for learning.

  2. Action based: All knowledge must conclude in action as evidence of learning and within a framework of values.

  3. Connected: Context-based learning facilitates real-life connections that make learning meaningful. Understanding of our responsibility with the global community, reflective discipline, transdisciplinary and open-minded education.

  4. Best practices: Our constant academic evolution is linked to global best practices that integrate differentiated education and remain competitive within our accreditations.

  5. Valued based: All learning and decision-making must be holistic to transcend as global citizens that exemplify our community values (“Big C”).

Our curriculum works together in pursuing the development of all ASFC Pillars in increments of challenge while accomplishing the expected learner profile:

We are a multicultural educational community that inspires a passion for learning by nurturing creative citizens with principles, through critical thinking, research and collaboration.

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