Singing - ASFC


The study of music develops various aesthetic and mathematical skills in humans. Specifically in singing, these skills extend to the cultural as well, improving literacy in the mother tongue and pronunciation of foreign languages. Numerous studies have shown that singing in a choir develops musical knowledge, as well as another series of abilities that benefit other aspects of life in people who cultivate this passion.

One of the fundamental values ​​that choral singing possesses is its inclusive capacity. In a choral formation, all members must learn to listen to their peers, learn to wait, start at the right time, with a  certain dynamic or frequency (tone), etc. This way of working is becoming a necessity in the current job market, where success is closely related to the ability of applicants to work in groups.

The ASFC Singing Academy helps students develop skills such as the improvement of self-esteem, the decrease in levels of depression, working on motor coordination, developing musical perception and socialization.

The inclusion of the arts, in general, and music, in particular, in educational systems is related to the model of human beings and the model of society that we want. (Touriñán López & Longueira Matos, 2010).