Sky Garden - ASFC

Sky Garden

Our Sky Garden is a hydroponic urban garden that covers 900 square metres high in the sky! This project is an academic-social space that supports school activities and fosters healthy and sustainable values, attitudes and practices.

From the first planting, it has generated a lot of emotion and interest in the students. They have seen vegetables grow and have been excited to try them «freshly cut.»

American School strives to provide experiential learning at all levels and what better way for students to be involved than having our own vegetables grown on site!

With the help of experts, our learners can experience first hand the joy of growing and looking after their own vegetables. We use this space for sustainability projects such as

Creating composting, analyzing resources used and costs involved, sharing harvest with the community and for our high school students this is a way to develop their entrepreneurial skills through a weekly sale of fresh products.

All of these actions inspire students and keep them motivated. The Sky Garden has given the American School the opportunity to have a dynamic tool for continuous learning.

The growing method used in our Sky Garden  is an example of the future of agriculture: it rationally uses fertilizers to nourish its crops in an automated hydroponic system, but it does not use pesticides. It recycles its irrigation water and its nutrients (probably the only project currently doing it in southern Mexico ), emits nothing but breathable oxygen into the atmosphere and uses space efficiently. It generates high yields with a very low environmental impact.

Sky Garden is an innovative, sustainable and futuristic project.