Soccer - ASFC


The Soccer Academy has as its basic objectives general physical preparation and soccer skills complemented by the development of a social environment by sharing abilities, attitudes and values, instilling respect, discipline and collaborative work in all the participants.

The students develop their creativity by reflecting and making decisions, whilst working on their motor skills which are essential for the development of abilities such as physical fitness, speed, agility, teamwork, strategy and competition.

The Academy focuses on ball skills such as receiving, shooting, passing, moving and shifting, but also improves mental attitude and communication skills.

The Soccer Academy’s culture can be transferred into daily life, where students are encouraged to follow their dreams and strive every day to be a better human being. Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities as a part of their curriculum for scholarship opportunities for Universities.



* Tuxtla Children’s and Youth League

* Soccer Seven

* Bulldog tournament

* Monterrey Cup 2020

International Achievements