Theatre - ASFC


The Theater Academy offers a safe space for expression for students who are enthusiasts of the performing arts, a place where they can create and get to know drama texts from their roots in the great classics of Greco-Roman literature, through to contemporary expressions within the spectrum of the performing arts.

The objective of the Academy is to acquire, develop and strengthen the skills and knowledge of body and vocal expression on the stage, through games, exercises and dynamics that promote acting skills, security and stage presence alongside abstract, reflective and intuitive thinking for theatrical projection from the approach of a fictional incentive.


The students of the theater academy have showcased their skills and abilities at staged events in line with school holidays and events,  as well as in external contexts of performing arts, among which the auditorium of the “Children’s Museum”, the “Constituyentes ”auditorium of the Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas and the performing arts forum “ La puerta abierta ”during the first edition of the Marabunta Festival, for children and youth  theater. Their first musical play was “Matilda” in collaboration with our Children’s Orchestra at a live performance at school.

Students also participated as voice actors during the campaign “Pure Healthy Stories” carried out with the support of the US Department of State, and took part in the biannual Festival “Prix Jeunesse International” in Munich, Germany as guest judges.